About Me & Services

Hello! I’m Amy and I’m a freelance Copywriter, Copyeditor and Proofreader based in Northamptonshire, UK.

I’m trained by the National Council for the Training of Journalists and I've got over 13 years' experience. Ooof, that makes me feel old.

I've been self-employed for a few years now and most of my clients are charities and small businesses. Recently, I’ve worked with the United Nations, Save the Children UK, Mayhew Animal Home, Mind, Alliance4Impact and Cats Protection.

Here's what I can help you with...


Website copy

You can't get away with shoving a few keywords here and there anymore. As an ex SEO Content Producer at one of the UK's leading digital marketing agencies, I know how to make your website stand out from the crowd. Great copy drives the right traffic to your site and increases sales.

Content writing

Informing and engaging your target audience with blog posts. I can raise brand awareness with stories that bring your business to life.

Print and press

Writing reports, magazine features, case studies and press releases to make sure you stand out.

Direct response

Fundraising appeals and email marketing campaigns with compelling calls to action.


Captions and subtitles for videos and animations. Yes, YouTube creates automated transcripts, but the quality is so poor that Google doesn't index them. Let me create custom ones for you that are accurate and follow your house style.

Social media

Concise and punchy, quality content to build a loyal community.

E-learning scripts

I can help you to immerse your learners by presenting information in simple language that won't bore them to death.


    Most people don't notice their own mistakes. Trust me to do the scribbling out for you, and I'll even improve your writing if you're lucky.

    Here's what I'll do...

    • Ensure your content is accurate, clear and professional.
    • Check you're not using five words when one will do.
    • Flag any repetition or inconsistencies.
    • Flag any repetition or inconsistencies ;)
    • Amend any incorrect typography and formatting.
    • Check that the tone of voice is appropriate and matches your house style.
    • Amend any incorrect spelling, grammar and punctuation.


    Using Adobe InDesign, I edit content for the available space as well as consistency, clarity, tone and ensuring it aligns with house style; correcting any errors; fact-checking sources; writing headlines, standfirsts, pullquotes and picture captions.


    A final quality check and tidy-up to fix minor spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, any typos and inconsistencies in design and layout.

    If you'd like to speak to me about your project, please get in touch via the Contact page. I'd love to hear from you.