About Me & Services

Hello! I’m Amy and I’m a freelance Copywriter, Copyeditor and Proofreader for charities and social impact organisations. I'm based in Northamptonshire but my clients are all over the UK. Thanks Zoom.

I’ve been trained by the National Council for the Training of Journalists and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising. I've got about 15 years of experience writing and editing. Ooof, that makes me feel old.

I went self-employed after leaving my full-time role in Cats Protection's Comms team and relocating across the country. I had a baby a few months after that too. It was a busy year!

I’ve recently worked with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Oxfam, Neighbourhood Watch, the Royal College of Pathologists, Cats Protection, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Social Enterprise UK and Blue Cross.

Here's what I can help you with...


I can help with copywriting and editorial copy for everything from print publications like supporter magazines, annual reports and fundraising appeals to digital copy for your website, case studies and email sequences.


    I can fine-tune your text to make it ready for publication. Copyediting involves addressing grammatical or punctuation errors, incorrect facts, anomalies, inconsistencies and glaring typos.


    Using Adobe InDesign, I edit content for the available space as well as consistency, clarity, tone and ensuring it aligns with house style; correcting any errors; fact-checking sources; writing headlines, standfirsts, pullquotes and picture captions.


    This is a final quality check and tidy-up to fix minor spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, any typos and inconsistencies in design and layout. Basically, the last check before it goes to print.

    Now over to you. To speak to me about your project, please get in touch via the Contact page. Can't wait to hear from you.