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About me

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I’ve always loved storytelling. 

I was the kid who would stay up all night reading until I heard my mum coming up the stairs, and I’d dash to switch off the light and hide my book under my pillow. (She always knew.)

I have a degree in filmmaking from the University of South Wales, and I based my dissertation on storytelling and narrative structures. 

A few years later, I realised writing was my calling

So despite not knowing a single soul there, I upped sticks, moved to Brighton and did an intensive post-graduate diploma in magazine journalism accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists.

Finding the story

I have an eye for detail. And I think that’s something special.

No really, I think copywriting is an art. Not everyone can do it. Sure, everyone can press a few buttons on their keyboard (or chuck a few prompts into ChatGPT). But not everyone can find the hook in the story. Not everyone can make the words POP 💥 And not everyone can make the reader think, feel or act differently from the way they did before.

Using the right words, in the right order and in the right tone is the difference between getting your reader to understand your message and rush to act upon it or putting them in a Choose Your Own Adventure book that forgets to tell them which page they should go to next. (Who else LOVED those books?!)

My first proper job after graduating was working in-house in the Publications and Digital team at Cats Protection, a national cat welfare charity. I loved it so much that I worked there twice. In between those roles, I worked in the SEO team for one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies, where my clients included Coca-Cola, Debenhams and Cosmopolitan magazine.

I lived in Brighton for ten years, but a new chapter was calling. So in 2017, I relocated from the city I loved, left the job I loved, bought a house in Northamptonshire, and had a baby. All in one jam-packed year.

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Setting up (freelance) shop

Between you and me, I never planned to turn my freelancing side hustle into my sole source of income. 

But since then, I’ve grown my business while working part-time hours, with a little person (and no formal childcare) in a pandemic.  And I’ve expanded my skill set from editorial writing to include copywriting and fundraising. Thankfully, I love my work, have some brilliant clients, and I’ve never looked back! 

I love helping people, and I’m trusted by many to act like an extension of their team. I want to know that what I do every day matters. That’s why I prefer to work with non-profits, social enterprises and other organisations for social good.

I now have over 15 years of writing, editing and comms consultancy experience under my belt. And I’ve helped national and local charities define their brand voice.

I’ve recently worked with the RSPCA, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Neighbourhood Watch, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Cats Protection, the Back Up Trust and the Royal College of Pathologists.

And since you asked, outside of work, I love getting stuck into a good crime documentary, oat milk coffee, 80s films, dancing and dance fitness classes (exercise in disguise!) and going to punk and indie gigs… but it’s rare that I can stay awake late enough to go to them.

Three fun facts

1. Talking to the animals

In 2016 I spent three days canoeing down the Zambezi River alongside crocodiles (well actually, directly on top of one that dived into the water and swam under our rickety kayak), hippos and elephants. 

Ask me what happened when I was sat in a safari jeep, about 12 feet away from a pride of lions, desperate to get out but unable to make a sound.

2. These boots were made for skating

I finished the gruelling newbies’ Fresh Meat training programme with the Brighton Rockers roller derby team but injured my knee in my first game and haven’t laced up my skates since.

3. Let's get musical

When I was four years old, I wanted to play the violin. No idea why. Because it was on offer at school, I suppose. And it was something other than a recorder.

But the violin teacher told me my arms were too short. I like to think my arms have grown a little since then.

Ok, enough about me.

I want to learn about you and your project.

Are you ready to get started?